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quotes 01I met these guys filming in San Diego and was so impressed by their apps that I invited them onto my show. They develop Apps for various industries, but their bar app blew me away. I am confident these guys will be a great success and am happy to endorse them. If you own a bar or restaurant you would be making a big mistake if you didn’t check these guys out.quotes 02

–-John Green, host of Food Network’s On The Rocks



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Mobile Loyalty

Out are those paper stamp cards in is what we call building “Mobile Loyalty”. Traditional paper stamp cards can be lost or easily destroyed with our in app loyalty systems your clients can keep track of them on their own and unless they lose their phone or delete the app their progress will always be in the palm of their hand.

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Shopping Cart

Your custom mobile shopping cart can be integrated right into your existing website and will display in a mobile optimized format. That means updating just one cart. If you already have an existing Shopping Cart we can integrate it right into your Mobile App seamlessly.

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Food Ordering

Clients can order your full menu with our easy-to-use interface. You can set delivery parameters such as a distance limitation or a delivery fee, which can be set to free after a set dollar denomination spent.Payment can be taken by cash or credit card via Paypal. Both parties will receive an email confirmation however the order can be printed out on a wireless printer as well (even in multiple locations).

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Scheduling System

With UPG Mobile Marketing Group’s Scheduling System, clients can book appointments with a few easy clicks directly from your app! The reservations system is customizable to meet the needs and times of your business. Both parties will receive email confirmations when a reservation has been completed or cancelled.

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Music Tab

You don’t have to be a band to have music in your app-–add some ambiance to your mobile app with your favorite music tracks playing in the background, like some of our salon/clients have done, Foxy Box and Love Sugaring.

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UPG Mobile Marketing Group now offers geofencing in our apps, a location-based service that sends messages to smartphone users who enter a defined area. When one of your app users enters or exits the area, you can set your app to push a message to the user. Thus, the geofence allows you to send location-specific messages to your fans when they’re by your business!

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Real Estate

If you’re in real estate, you already know that most property searches are now done online. However, did you know that one-fifth of real estate searches are done on mobile devices and smart phones?

Through a mobile app, you can connect with your clients like never before, offering them the ability to stay in touch with you at all times via email and private message; you can send them push notifications and messages based on their needs and interests; easy to use email and contact forms for potential new clients to state their needs; property listings at their fingertips; price and other comparisons so your clients can shop via their phone, and more.

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